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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I've been noticing "FOR RENT" and "FOR SALE BY OWNER" signs all over the place. Especially in Ithaca, renting signs are posted up everywhere. Parts of me are conflicted over what I should feel about this. One part of me is worried about the future to come, and another part of me is excited. The latter part is the dominant self. Excited that the world is falling apart, excited that I will be able to survive through the future, excited that a diluted anarchy will be instituted.
Squatting, Low Impact Crashing, Foraging off of the wild plants...
All of these skills will somehow help. All should learn of their own ways to fulfill their necessaries of life: food, fuel, shelter, and clothing (and sanitation).
So, my excitement at seeing FOR SALE and FOR RENT signs, sickly as my mother purchases a house, what should anyone make of it?

I apologize... this entry went on a span of about a month and is incredibly disoriented and disorganized. Over that time I forgot wtf I was saying.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Intro... Hi, Guys... timid-timid

This post, I want to introduce the blog. With time things may change, but what the hell. I want this to be about politics, like practically everything else I talk about. I will proved basic theory, tips on survival, values of an American Revolution, predications of Gerald Celeste’s “coming Revolution”, and more bits and pieces. Perhaps some interviews to help understand things.

I would have loved to have gathered with some friends and started an underground paper. Getting stuff from papers and local printers. Copying from other papers from the internet. And all the wonderful things that come from working your own paper (I could have been such good friends with office max).

But the printing workshop is for something different. And journalism is coming apart. With the dieing economy people don’t want to pay so much for a peice of toilet paper they don’t need (check the paper recycling bins for free) and can get the news from the internet anyway. Only the problem with the information super highway, people only look for what they want to learn. So I figured I’d get on the mascurade and post info and all the trappings of an underground government.

P.s. I’ll be aiming for bi-weekly at least.