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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Silent City Distro and Anarchist Economics

Silent City Distro is pretty amazing. I talked to a guy on the phone who was busy organizing the North East Anarchist Network General Assembly in Ithaca. It makes me feel all fuzzy and prideful to see the anarchist movement actually moving. Happy to have a collective in the city. If we could get one in every city and establish a free economy then we would have basically realized Anarchy.
I want to start a free agricultural economy in Ithaca at least. The production of vegetables would consist in numerous gardens throughout the countryside. I should hope to produce a surplus, and that should be possible with the ways these freegans get their shit. And the distribution would be through Food Not Bombs. They'd have to have more workers though for it to be realized. They'd distribute every day at most, and thrice a week at least. This could be at the squat, a rented or bought place, or at a park. I think that this would bring a lot of people into the practice and politics of anarchism, especially with the economy today. I also want to start a FREE STORE which I might describe later.
To all the people who say that no one will want to start a garden to feed people, I say to that, FUCK YOU!
A FREE STORE will have to be monitored frequently to minimize shoplifting. It would get it's crap from whatever freegans get and don't need, "shoplifting" "maybe", :), and a drop off box for stuff people would like to sell to the FREE STORE. It's gonna have to have a place so it can exist, and I think that in with a squat, a place rented or bought, it would do perfect. A squat qould go great with the Food Not Bombs, but a rented space might be too small. Though we'd need so much more, it's still a good start.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

OM: In frustration of Hindu Terminology

Tonight I have realized that I am connected with everything, whether through the air I breathe, the water I drink, the stars I look at, the energies I feel, part of the collective unconscious and the psyche we all experience together. We are and we always shall be brothers and sisters, eternally connected, immortal and temporarily in existence with eachother. Spiritually connected with the Allfather, Atman, the spirits, ancestors, and the rocks and algae. Undeniably consistent with eachother, the love dwells under our skin, under the skin of the predator and the prey, the killer, the victim, the monk and the junkie.
Silently, slowly, gracefully moving.