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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Earth First Meeting

Today after school I went down to Dewitt park to see the Earth First! folk. The meeting actually began at one, and while lunch I was trying to think whether I should skip the afternoon for it. I got to the meeting at around 4 and they were discussing civil disobedience and direct action. After, they did some weird introduction, where they all said their names and did some weird action, and everyone copied. Must be some weird cult thing... after that I was invited to sit down. On the ground inside the circle I could see food scraps of grape fruit and a melon and an empty box of what I think was doughnuts.I listened to a discussion about direct action and civil disobedience and what they were good for and then it moved into what workshops they wanted to do. I don't really remember what exactly they said because I was eating clover leaves while it all was going on. They decided on building an example tripod for making successful and able road blocks (civil disobedience).

While the team went out to their van and grabbed giant poles and other equipment there was a sort of intermission. Juggling with improvised music of Madeline and banging a spoon on a can. A little after a woman had two boxes full of papers. She told everyone that there were zines, booklets, and leaflets for free and charged with donations (as mysterious as that can sound) I grabbed a bunch of them and I am going to scan them and post PDFs of them on the blog. While I was doing this the woman started explain on how to tie the very special ropes in the tripod and other important things. After I got all the booklets I wanted, I left being strained for time.

Out of what I saw I was pretty interested. And I wanna go to whatever one might be next, if there's one that's next.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A New Turn

Fuck all that bullshit I talked about in the introduction. My ideas on things have changed, and I am less juvenile and less romantic and misguided about that shit.
For one thing, there already is an "underground" anarchist paper in Ithaca (I'll explain the quotations things later). It's called IthAcaZine, only it has an A-circle thingy in the capital A and it's a magazine.... and this is just a blog, it holds little value compared with something like that.
"Values of an American Revoluti0n"... Who gives a fuck. No one at all. Seeing as I am an anarchist I would mean an anarchist American revolution, and that term is redundant as hell. the revolution is ongoing, wherever there is a squat, free food, or some form of resistance and institution there is revolution... if you could even call it revolution.
Gerald Celente is a prick. He just predicts stuff, and he predicted that America would become a third world nation within three or four years and around 2012 we would experience some form of revolution. if the Hopi or Mayans are wrong, which I won't touch, I expect it to be a fascist revolution, or socialist, pure, oh the beauty.... And being the chaos loving psychopath freak I was or am, I fell in love with the idea. Or, being the rhetorical and political boring SOB I was, in love with idea of squatter's unions, not understanding exactly the meaning behind the words. Sounds pretty damn good still though.... I ramble too much. Anyway, Gerald Celente is a prick.

Now regarding why I put underground in quotes, I mean that I don't necessarily see IthAcaZine as being underground as more as DIY. For those of you who don't know, DIY stands for Do-It-Yourself, which is basically just getting your own damn shit and building what you want. It ties in a lot with direct action which is why it is so present in the anarchist movement. And that's why I'd prefer to say that IthAcaZine is a DIY anarchist [maga]zine. But that's just what I think. Ask Silent City Distro, Ithaca's local anarchist collective...

Yeah, to the point now, I am going to be using this blog more as survival tips and information on DIY or direct action... not that any of my friends are anarhcists. But I'll tell people how to get free food and other nice things like that. As an example, join the local Food Not Bombs on saturdays.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


"The way is broken, and the ropes are gone."
The old man sat done by the muddied dusty window of the decaying building the desperate would search for in hopes of relief or shelter. He sat as he had not sat in a longtime. As a boy, he hugged his knees and cried, gazing.
A child in rags entered the building and went up to find the attic, and in the attic he saw the old man with his rough long gray beard, dirty face, and weary eyes.

"The way is broken, and the ropes are gone." spoke the child. And the old man bowed his head in the relief and sorrows of his reluctant submission.
"The way is broken, and the ropes are gone." repeated the child.
Fractured, salvation shall not come to them.

The unreasonable reluctance to die.

Afterword: I wrote this today in trips. It's a metaphor representing obviously mortality. I chose the scene of a dystopian perhaps battlefield or crashing depression cuz I am just like that. The child and elder represent the stages of our futures and pasts. the attic represents the sentiment involved with death and memory. This is supposed to symbolize the inevitable and our struggle and our please to be free of it... I of course left out our acceptance, because 1) it'd ruin the scheme, 2) acceptance of mortality is too human to be written, and too beautiful to be characterized in something such as this, and perhaps 3) is to remain with the soul in the real world... some things I guess aren't to be expressed through art...
special thanks to Kansas and their dust in the wind.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


This guy. He's a sexist and a fuckin homophobic jackass who can't get his manners or theory straightened out. I bet he's got some weight, has glasses cuz he's middle aged, is going through a divorce or a lawsuit and is using this as an outlet and just wants to bitch in some kind of "I'm being held back" masochistic pathetic anticipation for nothing. Fucking nerds.
Disregard this.