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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Earth First Meeting

Today after school I went down to Dewitt park to see the Earth First! folk. The meeting actually began at one, and while lunch I was trying to think whether I should skip the afternoon for it. I got to the meeting at around 4 and they were discussing civil disobedience and direct action. After, they did some weird introduction, where they all said their names and did some weird action, and everyone copied. Must be some weird cult thing... after that I was invited to sit down. On the ground inside the circle I could see food scraps of grape fruit and a melon and an empty box of what I think was doughnuts.I listened to a discussion about direct action and civil disobedience and what they were good for and then it moved into what workshops they wanted to do. I don't really remember what exactly they said because I was eating clover leaves while it all was going on. They decided on building an example tripod for making successful and able road blocks (civil disobedience).

While the team went out to their van and grabbed giant poles and other equipment there was a sort of intermission. Juggling with improvised music of Madeline and banging a spoon on a can. A little after a woman had two boxes full of papers. She told everyone that there were zines, booklets, and leaflets for free and charged with donations (as mysterious as that can sound) I grabbed a bunch of them and I am going to scan them and post PDFs of them on the blog. While I was doing this the woman started explain on how to tie the very special ropes in the tripod and other important things. After I got all the booklets I wanted, I left being strained for time.

Out of what I saw I was pretty interested. And I wanna go to whatever one might be next, if there's one that's next.

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