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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Translating Anarchism and the Spanish Revolution

So, part of my materials for a research project on the Spanish Revolution of 1936-7 include a piece, Anarchism and the Spanish Revolution, written by Helmut Wagner, a Bolshevik. The problem is, the two copies I have of them are in French and Spanish, which I have no hope of learning and can't understand easily, respectively. Nonetheless, I am going to try to translate it, and if it turns out that I am successful, then I am going to put it up somewhere. Naturally, the translation will be messed up, since I don't speak Spanish well and am stressed for time on this project as it is.

I am posting this just in case the ghosts who read this blog happen to be fluent in Spanish and have several hours on their hands would be willing to translate it for me and then post it themselves, or better yet, know of an English version.

Thanks, I don't know why I suddenly decided to post this. I probably won't end up translating it...