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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Said the Pot to the Kettle

This is one of the first zines I read about anarcha-feminism.


  1. My one problem with feminism is that its name inherently implies that the struggle for womens equality is more important than other struggles for equality, that women are the only ones oppressed by gender lines and patriarchy, and perhaps above all, that only women can believe in this specific kind of equality.
    I have nothing against most of the beliefs held by feminists, however, and think it is only because of their lofty beliefs is it that I hold the system to a standard above the hipocracy of its name.

  2. whereas anarcha-feminism expressed by say Emma Goldman or the mujeres libres say that women's liberation come with working class emancipation, political freedom or direct democracy, and the dismantling of militarism. Or as an anarcha-feminist in an activist movement who is tired of bigotry or chauvinisms within the 'anti-authoritarian' movement.
    I'm not sure that I have acquainted much with feminists who place gender struggles over any other struggles but rather places equal emphasis, unless they're matriarchs or folks who don't see many of the other struggles *cough* (liberals) *cough*

  3. "I have nothing against most of the beliefs held by feminists"
    I wrote this to include anarcha-feminists.
    to reiterate, i think their beliefs are great. i just find their name to be hypocritical, especially in light of how good their beliefs are.