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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Direction

With the additions to this blog's capabilities, the pages that can be added and my crude news analysis, I am thinking about what the direction of this blog will be. Given that I have an extremely small readership (although blogspot tells me that I have a mini readership in Russia... how strange) I am thinking about what direction I want to take this blog. I have put up writings, given my not so well-thought out opinions, and provided some of my well-thought out opinions. But on this blog, I've written about what I've done enough. I'm gonna write about this blog's future. I've been busy. I've been thinking of utilisation and purpose. Combined with this, I am thinking about how useful this blog is to the success of my purposes. Among my goals, both long- and short-term, are campaigns on utilising a listserve for an LACS family group and creating a student group at LACS to help with community outreach for the IC Living Wage Campaign, broadly finding fundraising opportunities for an LACS Family Group, getting signatures for a petition, popularising the Anarchist idea, and in general disseminating information and resources for those who would like to read about anarchism or what it is. The Burning Library has accomplished some of that. This blog would not help with the listserve situation, although if you would like to see any posts from afar, you can subscribe to the RSS here, and if you have any ideas on fundraising in Ithaca or the surrounding area, please forward me and my FG any info. To popularise the Anarchist idea, you need to first have an arable soil, there is little that my blog can reach. Dissemination is what the Burning Library and part of what the blog is about. The Living Wage issue, however, might be something I can use this blog to help with. I'm just not sure how this blog will help with that.

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