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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fuck The Police

The Root

If you read the article, you'll see how the police and the city care nothing about its inhabitants. The DA has put the incident off, and plans to postpone serious investigation for a while. Sadly, police brutality and thug persecution against the LGBT community, or any community is not surprising. Power easily corrupts, and this is evident with the entirety of history. When racists and homphobes, in essence, fascists, are given weapons to fully embody fascism, and serve the interests of the State or the Bourgeoisie, what else can be expected? Pig violence against people is what some might call, institutional violence, or institutional terrorism. The established institution, that of the police department, whether directly satisfying their own fascist instincts, or assaulting people based on a bourgeois' whims, uses the powers that it has available to attack and persecute the people.
Personally, I deny that any kind of police should have a right to exist (I'm not saying that the individual police officers should be slayed regardless of action, that should be saved for the climate of the cool and objective court). An institution that gives weapons and the right to assault is an evil institution, and I would oppose such institution even in the Post-Revolutionary Order, because that institution would inevitably become its own aristocracy, or obedient to the aristocracy that gave them the power to be professional thugs.
I am sure that someone will say to me, "Sure, power corrupts, but I have met police officers that have been courteous to me and reasonably fair and kind to me before. Not all cops are pigs." I agree. Not all cops are pigs. But those cops who aren't pigs, aren't real cops. [The policeofficer's job is to keep the rabble in line. A "liberal police officer" is not quite qualified for the job. Ergo, they are not necessarily real cops/pigs.]
I personally believe that there should be no institution as the police, and that people can handle themselves without the meddling of trigger happy thugs. I am absolutely sure someone woulkd respond "Don't be a fool! Police can be aggressive, but they are a necessary evil for the other thugs, the drug pddling gangs that also patrol our streets!" The latter is true. But what I suggest, a quake of democracy to rid our cities of the tyranny of the institutional terrorists, why should such a quake stop at the destruction of the police department? First of all, the drug peddlers are their own underground capitalists, as capitalists and thugs, uncaring to the damage they cause to the people. No, this quake would destroy every institution of tyranny that plagues the Human Race.
"But how would be deal with our conflicts, as assuredly we would have them."
Certainly, conflict is a part of human nature (as is any criminal act). I propose that we use forms of mediation and courts of reasonable democratic and objective jurors, courts in the immediacy of the incident. Accountability and punishment, will be minor (or major, according to the severity of the crime), amounting mainly to dialogue with the victim (with the consent of the victim of course) and forms of rehabilitation.

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