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Sunday, April 4, 2010

The life I can stand living

a poem I wrote a few days ago. I was kinda depressed at the time, but it still bears political spirit, so...

I'm tired of being lower on the class strata, and missing out on advantages my peers have, and being a proletarian!
I'm tired of being betrayed (by my brothers), my sex-organ used as a weapon to dominate our sisters (&others)!
I'm tired of my skin being acquainted with oppression and discrimination, and the evil of the world!
I'm tired of stale and static relationships!
I'm tired of always searching for the answer above me!
I'm tired of searching for the answer below me!
I'm tired of seeing the answer brought away to cynicism when I see the beautiful minds of my people turn toward their inner death!
I'm tired of this fragile fucking world, and the disease it has sprung upon itself.
I wish to awake to the Human Revolution tomorrow, where we all are equal, regardless of ability, sex, gender, race, and history. I wish to wake up tomorrow, and see friends and families restored to what they should have always been. I wish to wake up and see prosperity for us all. I wish to wake up tomorrow and see... the life I can stand living.

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