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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Urgent! Industry spends $1 million to stop fracking moratorium

In the past few weeks our combined efforts have brought the
Sweeney/Thompson 11-month moratorium back to life. Last week several
Republicans came out in support of the moratorium, and Senate
leadership took up the issue. Now, as the Legislature returns to
session and many expect the bill to come to a vote, oil and gas
corporations are increasing the pressure on legislators in an effort
to defeat a moratorium. The industry has devoted more than $1 million
this year to lobbying the Governor and Legislature, with $350,000
spent just since May.

Gas corporations are pinning their hopes on politics as usual, but
we’ve come too far to let the industry stop us now! The wind is at
our backs, but we need to make our voices heard in this final push to
get a bill passed.

CALL our leaders in Albany and tell them to stand up to the corporate
bullies. We need them to do everything they can to build and maintain
support for the moratorium in the face of this threat to our water and
public health.

Senate Majority Leader John Sampson

Senator Antoine Thompson

Assembly Majority Leader Sheldon Silver

[read more about industry lobbying in today's Times Herald-Record:
http://tinyurl.com/BackBurnerSenator ]

Please forward widely.

Frack Action
(347) 709-3585

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