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Monday, August 16, 2010

This thing.

For fun I'll examine what this blog has been used for, how it's purposes have evolved, perhaps mainly because I long to post, and I have nothing else to use. First off, it was gonna be an amazing underground news source blog. Then I found a bunch of Anarchist news papers at Silent City Distro, and a Socialist news paper at Autumn Leaves. Didn't really have any sources to make news anyway. Then I started ranting. Not as proud of those rants as I am today, my animosity towards the police is a bit more evolved, more sophisticated. Then it became a place for my political writings, that was cool. That's probably what it should be for. I have a few things that I am planning on writing, in the process of gathering sources for. I have a CIA memo (That Noam Chomsky used OMG HA THAT'S SO FUCKING AWESOME!), that describes how the state is not at all a representative of the public's wishes, which is what a nice "democracy" should be, that I will use.
So then I stopped being so active in writing. After Wage-Slavery, which I amended (mainly the last paragraph I disagreed with), I didn't really think I could make anything else that could match up to it. But I am working more now. But since there's such large gaps it also turned into a disseminating blog. Real useful, since I have such a large audience to disseminate to...
Finally, I have plans to make it somewhat a library. On the Anarchist Publications/Library, I have slowly been getting more items. So I have decided to expand on this process. One might ask, Dr. Fish, if you do not have any readers, why would you do this? Dr. Fish might say "I have nothing better to do."

So news items for the blog, things to develop:
  • an article for the Burning Library (1800's)
  • another article for the Burning Library (American Power and the New Mandarins?)
  • something on Afghanistan and the campaign to dismantle the media and smother the publics with propaganda.
  • What is Democracy or The Possibility of Democracy
  • a rant about Jesus, and why he's so special
  • a an arguement with a neoliberal
  • Obama

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