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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Discontinuation or Transformation

The, quite literally, dead press (pun!)
I feel obliged for some reason to make a post. I don't have many things to say or many topics to explore, aside from news for the blog. Upon certain realizations I've been pondering discontinuation. But one of the reasons this blog may find value is its digital library, which serves as the blog best defense for its self-preservation.
The digital library is something I want to elaborate and evolve. When I did the Chomsky dissemination binge, I found that it was a total pain in that ass, and that with so many articles, it clogged up the library. Therefore, I am going to create a page for all the articles, and then provide a link to that page in the library. Thus, one article of Chomsky, or anyone else, for a large compilation.
Regarding discontinuation, the blog has seemed to come to halt. A halt to what would seem to be underdeveloped thought, largely influenced by people much clearer than I. There is one blog post idea, yet it is a transcription of something I wrote on a receit about Nestor Makhno, likely from last year. The problem would seem to be that, since I have few original things to say, and since most original things to say, I don't make public (although this would be the place to make it public, so I'll remember to jot it down when something comes on), this is either a waste of time, a vacant blog, or something to be molded into something else.
Initially I had wanted this to be something of a reporting journal (high in the sky, I realise), particularly focused on the activist movements. There's really no reason I should exclude myself from this, since it would be disempowering otherwise to dismiss my opinions of events, however there are others who's opinions, being far more richer and informed than mine, who would better replace my initiative.
Thenceforth I wanted to have a blog in which I would explain theories and concepts. My reasons for turning away from this have already been stated.
And now we come to here, a collection of links calling itself a library next to a vacant blog, without or unaware of material to fill. So the drive for transformation becomes apparent. What may perhaps happen is a commentary or critique of writings by others, such as The Coming Insurrection and what not. This is informal, so likely a combination of many things.
If anyone would have any suggestions of any kind, please comment.

p.s. Perhaps the reader was annoyed by the part of 'original things to say'. Perhaps not, regardles I will explain: Those original thoughts I do have are fairly small or detatched, and happen only every other while, so that is why they rarely find their way to the blog.

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