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Thursday, May 10, 2012

So my translation of Helmut Wagner's Anarchism and the Spanish Revolution is under way.  It's too bad I didn't start translating this months ago.  I probably won't have this thing finished by the time that I have my Spanish Revolution essay done.  So, really the only reason I'd be translating this is for the benefit of knowing that someday, another Ian Schlom will find this stupid blog and say "oh, shit, I ought to read that and incorporate it into my research -- thanks guy who had gone through the same spell of interest in Spanish Anarchism!"
So the google doc is where I am going to be translating it, and eventually, I'll have a nice and pretty web page of the text, a zine formatted if I end up liking what Helmut Wagner has to say, and a PDF/EPUB/whatever-the-fuck for eBook reading.

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